A look at online submissions


You've got your headshot, resume and reel. Now you've got to get the auditions. Where should you go? There are so many online resources and optimally you'd love to be on all of them but if that's not possible, here's a quick look at some of the more popular ones.


The online submission form is linked to individual notices found in the periodical so submitting is easy. An actor can make a full profile to submit and have several cover letters saved. Backstage is also a great resource for keeping up with business news. Cons: It’s a paid service but it’s definitely worth it.


One of the best online resources in my opinion. Full free linkable profiles connected to your representation. Many large casting offices use Actors Access when looking for specific types of skills. Cons: It is a pay-per-submission service but there is a monthly Showfax subscription that allows unlimited submissions.


Casting Networks has an amalgamation of notices, ranging from commercials to independent films. What it’s really good for is procuring background work. Background work can be a great starting point for actors. Cons: It’s a paid service, they don’t give you much space for a cover letter or note and, as previously stated, it’s mostly good for background.


A great resource not just for theatre news but for theatre casting notices as well. And it’s free to search. CONS: It does not list any TV or film auditions and you cannot make an online profile.


This is a free site both to search and submit. You can have an online profile to submit for free as well. Mandy is great for independent and student films. Cons: Most projects listed are lo-to-no pay.

This list is not exhaustive. There are several other websites and listservs that offer casting notices and film schools also have their own casting files. However, any of these is susceptible to a scam so always be vigilant and trust your gut!