Keeping an Active Internet Presence


As creative professionals, we rely on our audience to help make our work profitable. We live in a world now where reaching an audience is easier than ever because of sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. However, that also means there are more people competing for the same audience. So how do you make yourself heard? Unfortunately there

Stay consistent

You’ll want to be on several different platforms but all profiles should be similar to one another. Use one profile picture and user name for all of them. Wherever possible, link platforms together: Twitter to Facebook or to your personal webpage.

Put your best foot forward

Having an online profile to display your work and keep your fans updated is necessary. If you prefer not to pay for a website, Facebook is a good alternative. Be aware that employers (i.e. casting directors and agents) will look for you online, so make sure your profile is professional while still including personal touches. Making a Facebook fan page and keeping your personal page private is a good alternative.


140 characters may not seem like a lot but it’s enough to get ideas and event notifications across. Twitter can also put you directly in touch with influential people. It’s a great tool to give snippets of your personality intertwined with your work updates.

Internet videos

The first audience to reach out to should be friends as they will be the most supportive. Then, think of what your video contains. Every bit of it can be tagged to make it as searchable as possible: the actor, writer, director, crew names, genre, subject manner, any major props or locations, etc.. And search for sites that could display your video. There are several comedy websites to post sketch videos, fitness blogs can link to fitness videos, technology blogs to technology videos and so on. New audiences will help to boost views.

Just putting up profiles or content isn’t enough. Keeping up with news and trends and doing research will only help your success. There’s no sure fire way to make sure your content gets viewed but promotion across several sites will increase your chances.