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Filmmaker Resume - Filmmaker Websites Features

Filmmaker Resume

Take advantage of having your resume online. The Mixform resume is not just a one dimensional page, each credit in your resume is linked to a project page with videos, images, articles, and awards. Just mouse over a project title and a summery and image will appear, inviting people to further learn about your work as an filmmaker.

Because your entire site is interconnected, when you update your resume, your projects pages will automatically update as well. Add an award and your events section and about page will be updated. Unlike other filmmaker websites, an updated PDF version of your resume is automatically generated when you click the pdf link.


Strong Demo Reel - Filmmaker Websites Features

Strong Demo Reel

Enhance your viewer's experience by providing additional information to your Demo Reel. Linking your Demo Reel to your project's pages allows viewers to connect footage to selected projects. A video podcast feed, compatible with iTunes, is automatically created from your videos. This allows for you to host your own web-series from your website. Unlike other websites, your site will work beautifully on mobile devices allowing your audience to watch your videos on the go.


Blogging and Social Media - Filmmaker Websites Features

Blogging and Social Media

Keep your visitors coming back by writing a blog. Your blog includes a rich text editor so you can include links, images and videos while writing your article. Your readers can post comments below your articles, using their own Facebook or Twitter accounts. They also can easily share it with their friends and followers. Your blog also has an RSS feed containing your latest articles, making it easier for your readers to follow your progress using their favorite News Readers.


Relevance & Visibility - Filmmaker Websites Features

Relevance & Visibility

Integrate your site with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools in less then 5 minutes. This allows you to track your filmmaker website visibility on the web, and get insights into who your visitors are, and how they found your portfolio.


Latest trends for filmmaker websites - Filmmaker Websites Features

Latest trends for filmmaker websites

Mixform has the best set of features for building and maintaining websites for filmmaker. We add new features and updates frequently, all filmmaker websites in our framework benefit from these updates. You will always have the latest trends in web design at your disposal.


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