Build Your Acting Community


An actor's pursuit can seem like a solitary venture. You self-submit for roles until you find representation. You audition on your own. You follow up about

Many times, people who meet through a class or a program form theater and production companies. Find out what you’re interested in; is it Shakespeare? Or Comedy? Seek out those classes or studio and make connections. Groups like the Upright Citizens Brigade and movies like Bridesmaids were conceived by classmates.

Try your hand at other creative pursuits. Write, draw, photograph or pursue any other creative outlet. Not only will these skills work to flesh you out as an actor, they may open other avenues to display your acting talent. Acquiring new skills also make you more desirable to casting directors and agents.

Once you’ve discovered other people similar to you, discuss with them ultimate goals and desires. How can you work together to achieve them? Sometimes this will mean a weekly meeting to support each other’s work and discuss what else can be done. Other times though, it can build into a theater group or a film and prompt you to become a producer. 

And ultimately having a community helps you to de-stress. Talking to others who relate to the daily tribulations of pursuing an acting career can put everything in perspective. It can open your eyes to other opportunities that you may not have realized existed.