Advantages to Producing Your Acting Opportunities


As an actor, you can often feel like you are not in control of a production. The piece is already written, the locations chosen, and the casting done. With a film, even post-production is out of your hands; the editor chooses which take to use. With the tools available today, that doesn

The Industry Sees Your Self-Motivated

Actors can easily take a back seat and then complain that they’re not getting anywhere. Producing your own work shows that you are willing to put time and energy into a project and see it through. It proves that you are reliable and someone worth working with. 


You can help out your actor friends by casting them straight out but you can also get behind the desk! Remember how you feel as the auditioning actor so be kind. This is also is a great learning opportunity as well. Watch other actors’ process and take note of what you like and don’t like, the mistakes made, body language; all of these cues will be helpful later on when you are auditioning. 

Play The Role You Always Wanted to Play

You can choose your role! If you’re writing your own script, write yourself a role who you know you can play but never get called in for. Or write yourself what you do get called in for but don’t book. If you’re producing an already published play, choose one you’ve always wanted to perform in. The opportunities are all open to you. Be aware before choosing what direction you would like your career to move forward in and choose something to support that. 

Wearing Different Hats

Chances are if you are producing your own work, you’re taking on several roles. Ask questions from everyone you meet. Learn what everyone’s responsibilities are and how everyone interacts with each other. Learn jargon so that on other sets you understand what the tech people are saying to each other. But also be respectful of other people’s responsibilities and don’t step on toes.

Running Publicity

While publicity can be difficult, having your own project means you know who has the potential of seeing it. Festival submissions, press, internet promotion can all be fielded through you. You also have more talking points regarding the project when you sit down with agencies and casting directors. Being the go-to means that people will be speaking to you the most.


Seeing a project from start to finish will give you an overall feeling of satisfaction. There will be something in your repertoire that you can fully call yours. What better feeling is there than that?